• ST-OPEN Volume 4 ST-OPEN • 2023
    Vol 4 (2023)

    Articles in the 2023 volume will be continually published throughout the year.

  • ST-OPEN Volume 3 ST-OPEN • 2022
    Vol 3 (2022)

    The third issue of ST-OPEN covers a diverse range of topics, including psychology, arts, architecture, technology, anthropology, environmental science, education, linguistics, history, and sports. With 15 published articles, this issue delves into a wide range of subjects, such as the psychological factors affecting the performance of young female volleyball players, the well-being of actors, and Ottoman religious architecture in Croatia. Other articles analyze the relationship between public investments in science and scientific indicators at Croatian universities, investigate online safety awareness among Croatian school students, and evaluate the purpose and results of a Croatian language contest. This issue also examines the relationship between two reverends, presents a system for automatic car detection and classification in traffic, explores changes in wedding customs in Gornja Poljica, and provides insight into sports live text commentary. The third issue of ST-OPEN truly offers a diverse and thought-provoking collection of articles for readers interested in various fields of study. Also, this issue has been published with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia.

  • ST-OPEN Volume 2 ST-OPEN • 2021
    Vol 2 (2021)

    After an excellent reception of the first issue, here is the second issue of the internationally reviewed scientific journal “ST-OPEN” published by the University of Split. ST-OPEN is an overlay+ journal open to students and teachers from the University of Split, as well as from other universities in Croatia and globally. The journal is published in a diamond open access form as an e-journal to provide our readers with easy and cheap access. In this issue, we provide eleven research articles. The scientific areas of chemical engineering, medical engineering, environmental engineering, philosophy, ethics, religion, art, media and communications are presented. The authors presenting their articles in this issue come from Croatia and abroad.

  • ST-OPEN Vol.1 2020 Cover page ST-OPEN • 2020
    Vol 1 (2020)

    After long preparation, here is the first issue of the internationally reviewed ST-OPEN journal. ST-OPEN is published by the University of Split as a new type of overlay journal based on the University’s repositories. ST-OPEN has a broad, multidisciplinary scope, with the aim to promote interdisciplinary collaboration across university schools and departments. ST-OPEN focuses on graduate student research and selects best student-supervisor research work for publication. ST-OPEN is opened to students and teachers who deposit their research in university repositories at the University of Split, as well as to students and teachers from all other universities in Croatia and globally.