The God of faith and (or) the God of the philosophers in the light of the conversion of Blaise Pascal

Keywords: Blaise Pascal, comprehension, creation, God of faith, God of philosophers, logos


Aim: To discuss the relationship between God as understood in philosophy and God as understood by the Christian faith in the light of the conversion of the scientist Blaise Pascal.

Methods: We offered an explanation of the philosopheme attributable to Blaise Pascal, and then examined the meaning of the phrase God of the philosophers, with special attention to Plato’s and Aristotle’s theology, and then assessed the prominent features of the Christian God. The Hellenistic environment in which early Christianity spread and its influence on early Christian theology were analysed, with special emphasis on the term logos.

Results: Blaise Pascal’s Christian faith was not in accordance with Catholic Church, although Pascal considered himself a Catholic. We demonstrated that term God of philosophers is ambiguous term, i.e. what that God is. It appears that most probably God of philosophers is god of Aristotle or Plato because these two philosophers had the biggest impact on the evolution of natural theology. The God of philosophers is more like an impersonal concept than a person like God of faith. We presented the essential features of the Christian God: the doctrine of the Trinity, God’s creation, God’s personality and God’s incarnation, and discussed on the different understandings of the term logos, and its importance. For us, the term logos served as a point of contact between the philosophical and the Christian understanding of God.

Conclusion: Christianity is a faith based on reason, i.e. in Christian God can be known through reason and not just by faith. We tried to go beyond Pascal’s radical distinction between the God of faith and the God of the philosophers, namely through the lens of the philosophical term logos and show the there is no radical difference between the God of faith and God of philosophers.

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