The relationship between Reverend Frane Bulić and Reverend Ivan Delalle: an analysis based on preserved correspondence

Keywords: Revd Frane Bulić’s legacy, Revd Ivan Delalle, St Domnius, Gregory of Nin, Good Shepherd Sarcophagus, Kairos


Objective: To illustrate the relationship between two historians and priests, Reverend Frane Bulić and Reverend Ivan Delalle, based on a study of their correspondence archived at the library of the Catholic Faculty of Theology.

Methods: Part of Revd Bulić’s legacy, preserved at the library of the Catholic Faculty of Theology at the University of Split, includes his correspondence with Revd Delalle. This comprises 43 postcards and 19 letters. Beyond the correspondence, the library also conserves Revd Bulić’s Pro memoria (refer to reference number 68) on 10 pages. This text illustrates the relationship between Bulić and Delalle.

Correspondence: The author covers topics concerning the interpretation of the Good Shepherd sarcophagus, the question of Kairos’ discovery, Revd Delalle’s use of his doctoral title, and the issue of Delalle’s political involvement.

Conclusion: Based on their correspondence, Bulić and Delalle never managed to resolve their disagreements. The last record of their relationship was made 19 days before Revd Bulić’s death. Revd Bulić still appeared to be invested in Delalle. The questions of why Delalle never printed and published his doctoral dissertation and why he misappropriated the discovery of the Trogir Kairos remain unresolved.

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