ST-OPEN is an overlay journal of the University of Split, and is primarily based on the University’s repositories. ST in the title stands for “students” but is also the abbreviation for the city of Split. ST-OPEN is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary e-journal – an “interjournal”, with the diamond model of open access. This means we do not charge article publication fees to authors or a subscription fee to readers.

The full text of all articles published in the ST-OPEN is immediately provided in open access and available to the public. We are committed to keeping articles freely available, with Creative Commons licences and deposit of the full text in DABAR repository (Digital Academic Archives and Repositories). In this way, ST-OPEN articles are in the open domain, making research results available to researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders in the scientific community. ST-OPEN articles can be shared, copied and redistributed in any medium or format, adapted, remixed and built up for any purpose, provided that the full ST-OPEN reference is given. Authors or their employers retain copyright.

ST-OPEN has been created as a new type of overlay journals that has a broad, multidisciplinary scope, with the aim to promote interdisciplinary collaboration across university schools and departments. ST-OPEN focuses on graduate student research (for example, from masters and doctoral programs), selecting best student-supervisor research work for publication. ST-OPEN is opened to students and teachers from the University of Split, as well as from other universities in Croatia that deposit their research in the national DABAR repository.

The first aim of ST-OPEN is an indirect but concrete practical training of students in scientific publishing [1]. This will prepare future researchers for their research/academic careers by training them in standards and practices in scientific publishing. The second aim is to increase scientific production and global visibility for the scholarly research of the University of Split.

ST-OPEN does not aim to publish “great” research or to achieve high research impact, but to serve as a tool to advance research education and training of university students and the visibility of a small university.

ST-OPEN is a multidisciplinary journal, so our Editorial Board is large, including at least one member from each university school or department. However, since there are approximately 150 study programs, “satellite” Academic Editorial Boards exist at each University location. We do not see multidisciplinarity as a disadvantage, particularly in the time when bibliographic database or web searchers and not individual journals are sources of information for researchers [2].

We hope that ST-OPEN’s multidisciplinarity will bring researchers from different research fields and provide them with ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration – within the university and with other Croatian and international research groups. ST-OPEN offers the opportunity to present national cultural and social heritage (in this case relating to Croatia) to the global community.

ST-OPEN follows on the highest standards concerning of peer review criteria and publication ethics, and aims at preserving the integrity of the published record.

ISSN: 2718-3734


University of Split
Poljička cesta 35
21000 Split


[1] Marušić A, Marušić M. Teaching students how to read and write science: a mandatory course on scientific research and communication in medicine. Acad Med 2003;78:1235-9.

[2] Nicholas D, Boukacem-Zeghmouri C, Rodríguez-Bravo B, Xu J, Watkinson A, Abrizah A, et al. Where and how early career researchers find scholarly Information. Learned Publishing. 2017;30:19-29.